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The secret of his success lies in his ability to catch the invisible balls thrown at him by the audience: he loves to pick them out of the air, toss them around for a while, then send them spinning back. Audiences love it too.
Within seconds, the audience is in hysterics. Cotton McAloon's extraordinary tricks with clubs and balls are an expression of his outstanding creativity and joie de vivre. So is his repartee, which is as stunning as his juggling.
Having studied various cultures on his worldwide travels, he has put together a collage of the funniest quirks he has found in each country. There's so much to savor in this show that you'll wish it could go on forever: verbal and visual comedy combined with unbelievable juggling. Cotton McAloon is one of the best jugglers performing today. His techniques have truly revolutionized the art.
as the

12-Minute Man
A pulsating performance
30-Minute Man
Solo with fire juggling
on TV, on variety stages, at gala evenings, at private functions and public events
in fact:
wherever you want to make a big impression.

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